Reasons Companies Prefer To Employ Fresh Graduates

Recently, Job Outlook conducted a survey, which revealed the fact that for a third year in succession, the demand for fresh graduates is on the rise. Owners of enterprises hired more fresh graduates in 2006 than they did in 2005. In addition, they have offered higher wages, benefits, and perks.

According to the National Association of Colleges and Employer's annual survey, nine companies out of ten describe the current job market situation for young graduates as excellent, good or very good. Graduates are believed to have a brighter future in consulting, public accounting, construction, and engineering firms. There are two major reasons for this recent trend; first, companies have to find someone to replace their retired HR staff and second, the number of products and services that these companies offer are on the rise.

All graduates in the field of mechanical engineering, accounting, economics and finance, information sciences and systems, computer engineering, electrical engineering, business administration and management, computer science, market and marketing management, and chemical engineering are in great demand. Graduates in the subject of mechanical engineering head the list of graduates in great demand. Reputed aerospace, mechanical equipment, and automative companies prefer to hire them.


Banking, financial, transportation, and insurance services seek to employ economics and finance graduates. Food and beverage processing companies, financial services, and merchandisers want to hire business administration and management degree holders. About a third of business enterprises plan to hire associate graduates in technology, business, and engineering.  Engineering/surveying companies and insurance are in need of graduates who have a technical knowledge and, therefore, don't require training in that field. Employers have observed that such graduates have an excellent work ethics and professionalism that was lacking in previous amateurs.

Only around 23.5% of the respondents, most of them being manufacturers, planned to hire international graduates in 2006. Qualities Required in a New Graduate Employers seek to employ fresh graduate who have:

·         Excellent communication skills, both spoken and written

·         Honesty and integrity

·         Ability to relate with others

·         Good work ethics Ability to work in a team

·         Analytical skills Self-motivation and initiative

·         Ability to adapt to changes

·         Up-to-date computer skills

·         Eye for details


Attractive Features of the Jobs for Fresh Graduates:

The expectations and standards of companies have rocketed in the past year. It is important for new graduates to show good GPAs because full-time jobs are associated with high salaries, benefits, and perks. Here are a list of benefits that come with the jobs:

·         Life and medical/dental insurance

·         Retirement benefits

·         Semi-annual and annual raises

·         Counseling programs for employees

·         Dress codes

·         Paid training Commissions and bonus Family benefits

·         Flexi-time Performance updates

·         Sick leaves and vacations Recreational and on-site fitness facilities.

·         Day-care center Company service/car.

Campus job fairs, student clubs and organizations, on-the-job trainings, Internet job search engines, and so on provide ample opportunities for prospective employers and employees to meet.  Remember to target the right companies for you. Don't let any opportunity slip between your fingers. Before you attend any interview, research the company well.

During the interview find out more about the nature of the career that the company offers. Your career objective should be crystal clear, and you should know exactly what you want out of your career.


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