How to Deal With Criticism

We are often criticized about, our work, looks, behavior, etc. There are different types of criticism and there are different ways to deal with criticism. Once we are able to determine the type of criticism that is thrown our way, we can handle it much better. Here are some ideas of how you can deal with criticism.

Step 1

When you are criticized by someone, before you get angry at them. Take the time to reflect on what was said. Maybe there is something that you can learn from that criticism.

Step 2

Sometimes when we are criticized, it is meant to help us to improve on ourselves or our work. I know sometimes it hurts, to hear someone criticize you, but you can make it benefit you. Take the criticism and turn it around, so that you can benefit from it. Use it as a lesson, to strengthen and improve your weaknesses.

Step 3

There are other times that people will criticize you for no reason at all. Some will constantly criticize you, but they seldom or never give positive feedbacks. Maybe they are just trying to ruin your day or to lower your self-esteem. If you realize that this is the case, ignore them and continue on.

Step 4

Whenever you are criticized, make sure that you are aware of what exactly needs to be corrected. For example if your boss, critcizes your work, instead of taking it personal, ask for specific details of what is needed to be corrected.

Step 5

Have confidence in yourself and whatever you do. Keep in mind, that you are not perfect, and there is going to be at least one person who will crticize you.

Step 6

Don't allow criticism to slow you down or lower your self-esteem. In our everyday lives we are sure to encounter some sort of criticism. It is how we take criticism that matters. Think of it as something positive, at least you are important enough to some people, for them to take the time to criticize you.


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