Career Planning

To achieve ultimate success and taking one’s career to the peak, one needs to have a proper career planning which is a process that guides an individual to take and implement career decisions effectively. A proper guidance in career planning helps facilitate clarifying goals; achieving balance among work, family and self; and avoid reactive and costly decisions. An effective career plan is a life long process covering each and every step in individual’s life starting from assessing one’s own self to creating the action plan. grow n excel’s career planning module includes all important aspects like self assessment, exploring possibilities, setting goals, defining what an individual needs to reach objectives and develop individual action plan.

Interview Skill

Attracting the right employee is crucial for the success of any organisation and interview is the main assessment tool to understand candidate’s suitability for any position.  Interviews are a fact of corporate life and interview skills will be needed many times throughout our lives. It is important for interviewee to know how to present confidently and enthusiastically during the interview. grow n excel has undertaken the challenge in this regard to give the young graduates the insights for an effective interview. This module highlights the interview process, planning & preparation, employers expectation, how to make presentation & create best impression as well as answering interview questions.

Building Positive Attitude

The foundation of success, regardless of our chosen field, is attitude and that attitude must be a positive one. A positive attitude implies a way of thinking that is predominantly positive and optimistic. With better attitudes people would be better team players. In brief, organizations would be a great place to work  where one can contribute and grow consistently. grow n excel believes that our performance and productivity can be increased significantly by building positive attitude. This module will cover ineffective attitude and behaviors, how to build positive attitude, as well as how to win together with passion as one team.

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